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the aftermath.

Advent Children: Aftermath
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We've fought many battles. Lost and won, barely passed and barely run. Here, we face our final hour, in hopes we can conquer our fears. But when Sin itself has come before us, will that remain be tears?

Advent Children; Aftermath (An AOL/AIM/Live Journal Roleplay.) ... The Story

OOC Community: adventmath_ooc

The Seven Deadly Sins:

Within the quaint residence of Midgar, there was a cloud of happy reconstruction going on. After the destruction brought about by the Silver-haired Trio and of course, the meteor, there is only thoughts of peace about the world. And with peace, came war. Deep within the crust of the world, something was wanting to poke through and stop this happy ending. . . The seven deadly sins, known to man as shown above, were the soul of every heart. And as the world continued to go stronger, so did its flipside.

The world beneath was rapidly gaining power. Hades, ruler of the darkness, was growing bored with the cheery festivities being witness on the surface. Tapping into the source of even the lightest one's heart, he decided it was time to overthrow that normal balance of things.

Pure were brought back to life, dark were brought to his side. Hades then sent a materia to seven random men/women's hearts. This would bring about their conquest, dragging them down, inch by inch to be consumed by their sin. As the darkness had started to pour out into the world, it caused doors to appear. These doors led to other worlds, causing people from other lands to be welcomed in.
The seven sins still remain, deep inside those seven random beings. It is now up to those dedicated to the light to stop the destruction of darkness.

(This is a Final Fantasy Crossover game. Characters from every FF game ARE accepted.)

Are you willing to join the aftermath?

Advent Children Cast:

Cloud Strife: idolist_reverie
Tifa Lockhart: aca_tifa Lust.
Yuffie Kisaragi: zomg_its_yuffie Greed.
Vincent Valentine: erokappa Envy.
Barret Wallace
Cid Highwind
Red XIII: mnshadowwolf Pride.
Aeris Gainsborough: half_cetra

The Turks:
Rufus Shinra: eternal_session
Elena Yawa: elena_yawa
Reno: adventaftermath Sloth.

Final Fantasy VIII:
Squall Leonhart
Selphie Tilmitt: i_heart_trains
Rinoa Heartilly: angelic_wing
Seifer Almasy: touya
Zell Dincht: ehrgeiz Gluttony.
Quistis Trepe: chain_whip

Final Fantasy X:
Yuna: angelicprayers
Lulu: i_heart_dolls

Dark Allignment (Sin Itself.):
Hades: adventaftermath
Loz: loz_is_a_baby
Yazoo: mercurysunset
Kadaj: lu_kai

(Note: You may apply for ANY Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts character within reason. If it is on hold or taken, you can try again for another character.)

Time Zone:
Live Journal name:
Name of character:
Short Biography:
Third Person Roleplay Sample:
Short Journal Sample:

(All applications will be taken in the OOC journal.)

1) No flaming, bashing, spamming, or hurtfulness in general. Please, be kind to the others. If you aren't- then you will get beat down by my shoe.

2) Two characters tops. If the character you want is already taken, you can reserve another or apply immediately before the spot is taken.

3) You may post interactive posts in the community's journal and private/personal entries in your character's journal.

4) Remember, you may post in either first or third person (3rd is love, though.)

5) Post like a real person, please. n0t lyke diz

6) Have fun.

7) Be respectful.

8) Post at least ONCE a week, please!

9) And keep to character.

10) Pairings: I'm okay with slash. You can have intimate roleplays, as long as they are under a cut and have the words (M) in the subject.

When posting, it is asked that you enclose us with this, for a roleplay post;

Rating: ...and that's it!